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Theravent is the leading manufacturer of CPAP alternatives. While the majority of users diagnosed with sleep apnea prefer and use CPAP machines, for users who cannot get used to the device, or for those needing a substitute to their machine, Theravent makes an alternative solution in the form of Provent patches that are applied to the nostrils. Provent is great for CPAP users who travel, or for those who wish not to wear the machine but want treatment for their sleep apnea.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy Alternative is designed to be use daily, and discarded after one use, and comes with a 30 day supply. Remember to refill your Provent before you run out in order to avoid sleepless nights.

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Alternative Sleep Apnea Therapy by Provent - 30 Day Supply
Alternative Sleep Apnea Therapy by Provent - 30 Day Supply
Model:  CAT1105, CAT1114
By Provent
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An alternative to using a CPAP machine, Provent is great for sleep apnea sufferers who cant stand CPAP therapy or for frequent travelers who need an alternative to traveling with a machine.

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