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POC Travel Battery Charger

POC Travel Battery Charger
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POC Travel Battery Charger
By DeVilbiss  |  Item No.: 306CH
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POC Battery Charger by DeVilbiss

High Performance Travel Charger

The External iGo Battery Charger by DeVilbiss is an ideal option for portable oxygen concentrator users who travel frequently. With the iGo Battery Charger, you can charge batteries independently from the iGo unit; this provides greater access to power and greater convenience. The iGo Battery Charger is particularly suited for patients who have extra batteries and prefer to keep extra batteries fully charged and ready for use. If you're a POC user who travels often, the iGo Battery Charger has the potential to offer tremendous benefits.

Simple Operation

Before operating the iGo Battery Charger, be sure to create a dry, clean space near your intended outlet. Be sure to use sufficient caution when connecting the iGo Battery Charger to a power source. When you insert an iGo Battery Pack into the charger, make certain that the front of the battery pack is facing frontwards; the power connectors must line up neatly with the charge connectors in the battery slot. While charging, the LED indicator will display a flashing green light, and when fully charged it will switch to display a constant green light.


  • Includes 3 power cords which work with domestic and international power sources
  • Charges battery in approximately 2 to 4 hours
  • Voltage range of 100 volts to 240 volts
  • LED light indicates power status
  • Travel friendly

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