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Oxygen / Oxygen Concentrators / Battery & Power / SeQual Eclipse 3 Power Cord AC Adapter with NEMA

SeQual Eclipse 3 Power Cord AC Adapter with NEMA

SeQual Eclipse 3 Power Cord AC Adapter with NEMA


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You’ll be able to charge your SeQual Eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrator quickly and easily with the help of this power cord AC adapter from CPAPMan. The power cartridge automatically charges up when you plug it in. Then, you can use it to charge your SeQual Eclipse 3 even when it’s already running. This user-friendly product has a green LED light that illuminates when providing 28V DC power. It’s also compact for portability and features a tie to keep the cord neatly wrapped up.

This SeQual power cord adapter can be used with any US household outlet ranging from 100 VAC to 240 VAC and 50-60 Hz. It can be used with the SeQual Eclipse 2, 3 and 5 models.

Charging Cycle:  1.8 to 5 Hours

Output: 28VDC, 200W Max

SKU: 1610
  HCPCS CodeE1358
  Dimensions8 x 4 x 2 inches
  Weight 3 lbs.
  Warranty30-day warranty
  AC Power100-240 VAC/ 50-60 Hz/ 245-260 VA

AC Power Supply for 6900-Seq Eclipse POC with built-in surge protection (unit cord length: 4 feet)

AC Cord (6 feet)

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