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Internal Battery for AirSep FreeStyle Oxygen Concentrator

Internal Battery for AirSep FreeStyle Oxygen Concentrator

BT021-1S, BT018-1S

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Internal Battery for AirSep Freestyle POCs

Brief Overview

The Internal Battery for Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators by AirSep is a lightweight, travel friendly device which will keep your POC sufficiently powered and functional. This Airsep Freestyle battery boasts a fast recharge time and is FAA approved for commercial flights.

Freestyle 3 and 5 POC

This internal battery has two different battery options with both the Freestyle 3 and Freestyle 5 oxygen concentrators needing a different type of internal battery. The Freestyle 3 and Freestyle 5 are both high quality portable oxygen concentrators which will supply patients with the amount of supplemental oxygen necessary to achieve desirable results. The Freestyle 3 POC weighs less than five pounds and has three separate operational modes and multiple charging options. The Freestyle 5 has five distinct operational modes and likewise possesses more than one charging option and is highly travel friendly. Regardless of whether patients own a Freestyle 3 or 5 model this internal Airsep battery should be able to favorably complement their oxygen concentrator system.


  • Compatible with the Freestyle 3 POC and Freestyle 5 POC by AirSep
  • FAA approved for commercial air travel
  • Provides superior POC performance
  • Weight - approximately 1 pound
  • High quality internal battery
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Fast recharge time


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