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AirSep FreeStyle 5 Level Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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AirSep FreeStyle 5 Level Portable Oxygen Concentrator

By AirSep  |  Item No.: AS077-101


Don’t let your oxygen weigh you down with the small and lightweight AirSep FreeStyle 5 Level portable oxygen concentrator. Measuring only 10.7 inches high and about 6.2 pounds, this oxygen concentrator will keep you on the go. The AirSep FreeStyle 5 has a high oxygen output of up to 10,000 mL/min. Included UltraSense technology also ensures that you get a pulse of oxygen exactly when you need it. The built-in battery for this portable oxygen concentrator provides 3 to 3.5 hours of use and features a universal AC/DC power supply.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting built-in battery: 3 to 3.5 hours of use between charges
  • Universal AC/DC power supply
  • Extended battery provides up to 7 hours of use
  • Compact and portable oxygen concentrator
  • FreeStyle 5 with UltraSense technology for quick, accurate pulse dose
  • Included carrying case
  • Dimensions: 4.4 inches wide, 10.7 inches high, 1.2 inches deep
  • Weight: approximately 6.2 pounds

Important Tip: Battery duration is 1 hour (5 setting), 2 hours (2 setting) and 5 hours (1 setting). These are estimates only, but they can be useful if you’re traveling and need to keep tabs on battery life. The FreeStyle 5 provides a more accurate indicator of remaining battery life.

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