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AirSep External Battery Focus Adapter

By AirSep  |  Item No.: CD035-1


External battery Focus adapter

The AirSep Adapter is specifically made to be to link between the AirSep Focus and the ultra sleek AirBelt. Having the adapter gives you an extended power source which provides extra power to the Focus during the times you're on the go and traveling. It's always nice to know power is right next to you when you need it the most.

Standout Features

  • Longer Cord
  • Durably Constructed
  • Perfect when Traveling

Good to know:

This adapter is perfect for this anticipated long trips to known and unknown destinations and you know that you do not have the needed power source to keep your Focus charged and ready to go. Used in conjunction with the AirBelt will allow you to gain a  significantly longer battery life.

SKU: 1726