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SimplyGo Replacement Battery

SimplyGo Replacement Battery

SimplyGo Replacement BatterySimplyGo Replacement Battery

No Prescription Required

SimplyGo Rechargeable Battery

The lithium Icon rechargeable battery by Philips Respironics for SImplyGo oxygen concentrators. The electric board inside the battery analyzes the oxygen concentrator's power drainage speed, and communicates with the SimplyGo by sending accurate capacity data. The oxygen concentrator will operate with the latest and the accurate power supply data, to achieve the efficiency and desired output. 

This battery is a replacement to your original SimplyGo oxygencentrator. 

Technical Data

  HCPCS CodeE1356
  DC Power14.4V === ~ 98 Wh Li-ION, 6600 mAh
  Dimensions4.5 Wide x 7 Long x 1.5 High inches
  Weight1.50 lbs
  Warranty90 days from the date of purchase


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