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SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger

SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger

SimplyGo Mini External Battery ChargerSimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger
$399.00  $275.00

No Prescription Required

When you need to recharge the batteries from your SimplyGo mini portable oxygen concentrator, you need the SimplyGo mini external battery charger. This smart battery charger with its compact desktop design recharges and recalibrates SimplyGo Mini Standard and Extended lithium-ion batteries. Recalibrating the battery resets it to display the actual percentage of the amount of charge that remains. This fuel gauge is an accurate estimate of battery life over time.

  • Recharging Time: 4 hours (Standard battery); 6 hours (Extended battery)
  • Compatible with all SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator batteries
  • Allows effective battery rotation; always have a fully charged battery
  • Model 1116830


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