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ResMed CPAP Tubing Wrap

ResMed CPAP Tubing Wrap

ResMed CPAP Tubing WrapResMed CPAP Tubing Wrap

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ResMed CPAP Tubing Wrap

Generic 22mm Tubing Wrap

The Tubing Wrap by ResMed is a general purpose, top quality, highly versatile tool which, along with securely covering your tubing, enhances your entire therapy experience. The tubing wrap is composed of an incredibly soft material and will not create annoyance if it happens to brush against your face; what's more, its stylish royal blue color is undeniably pleasing to the eye. This item is an inexpensive means to increase both comfort and general functionality.


This tubing wrap has a micro-fiber construction and will significantly increase heat retention within your actual tube. As a result, patients will enjoy higher comfort levels. Moreover, the tubing wrap will reduce condensation and eliminate rainout; it will also reduce noise levels.


The generic tubing wrap by ResMed is highly versatile - the tubing wrap is compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP machines which use standard tubing (six foot tubing). This tubing wrap is very easy to apply and fit - after sliding over your tube use the soft-touch zipper to produce an exceptionally secure and stable fit.


  • Compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP machines which use standard tubing
  • Soft-touch zipper provides exceptionally secure fit
  • Reduces condensation and prevents rainout
  • Promotes overall therapy effectiveness
  • Increases heat retention
  • Stylish royal blue color
  • Made of soft material
  • Lowers noise levels
  • Micro-fiber design
  • Enhances comfort

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