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CPAP Tubing Stainless Steel Brush

CPAP Tubing Stainless Steel Brush

3.5ft, 5ft, 6.5ft, 6.5ft-Slim
CPAP Tubing Stainless Steel Brush
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Stainless Steel Tubing Brush

General Purpose

The Stainless Steel CPAP Tubing Brush is a high quality, well-constructed tool which will enable patients to effectively clean their tubes without hassle or headache. This brush is made with soft nylon bristles which will not cause any harm or damage to your CPAP tubing during the cleaning process. This brush is able to remove undesirable materials more effectively than traditional washing methods which use only water. Using this brush will prevent calcium and mineral build-ups and increase the general lifespan of your tubing device.

Five Lengths

This stainless steel brush comes in 4 distinct lengths - 3.5 feet (22mm diameters) and 5 feet (22mm diameter), and 6.5ft (22mm & 15mm diameters). Patients who have tubes which measure up to 6 feet in length can purchase the shorter brush as it will be able to clean both halves of the tube (by scraping each end). Patients who have tubes which are between 8-10 feet in length should obtain the longer tube for the same reason.


  • Prevents accumulation of calcium and minerals within tubing
  • Soft bristles will not damage your tubing
  • More effective than traditional washing
  • Enhances therapy effectiveness
  • Prolongs lifespan of your tube
  • Standardized 22mm/15mm diameter
  • Made of stainless steel