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PURESOM Secure Adjustable Chin Strap

PURESOM Secure Adjustable Chin Strap

PURESOM Secure Adjustable Chin Strap

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PURESOM Secure Adjustable Chin Strap

Brief Overview

The PURESOM Secure Adjustable Chin Strap by Tiara Medical Systems (TMS) is a high quality accessory which is soft, comfortable and will help patients create a personalized fit. This chin strap is ideal for patients who have difficulty keeping their mouth fully closed during sleep - once installed, this strap will make sure that your mouth stays completely shut. Composed of special Neoprene breathable material, this chin strap rests gently against your skin and will not cause irritation.

Customized Fit

The PURESOM chin strap is adjustable and so patients will be able to manually create a secure and personalized fit which suits their particular dimensions and structure. This Tiara Medical Systems Chin Strap can be adjusted on either side and at the top of the head. A versatile device, this strap is compatible with a large number of masks of all types (i.e. nasal, nasal pillow and full face).


  • Versatile - works with a wide variety of masks
  • Provides personalized and comfortable fit
  • Keeps your mouth closed during sleep
  • Reduces pressure and irritation
  • Neoprene breathable material
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Pleasant blue exterior
  • Excellent accessory
  • Three point design
  • Reduces leakage


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