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Chin Restraint

Chin Restraint

Chin Restraint

No Prescription Required

Single Strap Chin Restraint

High Quality Chin Restraint by ResMed

The Single Strap Chin Restraint by ResMed is an exceptionally well-made, top notch piece of equipment designed to correct mouth breathing and maximize your therapy experience. Applying the Resmed chin restraint is incredibly easy - simply place your chin into the chin cup and then fasten the top strap so that it fits your specific head size and shape. The chin cup is composed of an exceptionally soft cloth material and will rest gently against your skin. Mouth breathing can pose a significant problem for patients as it tends to create dry mouth and reduces effectiveness; the Resmed chin strap allows patients to remedy this issue without having to use a full face mask design.

ResMed chin straps feature: 

  • Keeps mouth closed during therapy
  • Straightforward single strap design
  • Prevents air leaks and dry mouth
  • Exceptionally soft chin cup
  • Easily adjustable top strap
  • Maximizes results


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