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Mirage Liberty Headgear

Mirage Liberty Headgear

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Mirage Liberty Headgear

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No Prescription Required

Headgear for the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask

Sturdy and Reliable Headgear

The Headgear for the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed is a cleverly engineered piece of equipment which will supply users with a customized fit which adds comfort and maximizes the quality of their seal. This headgear features a crown-shaped configuration which creates a perfect support cradle for the back of your head. What's more, this replacement headgear piece is easy to adjust, lightweight and will not produce uncomfortable pressure points.

Upper Clips & Adjustable Straps

The replacement headgear for the Mirage Liberty full face mask is equipped with special clips which enable quick detachment and reattachment. These (upper) headgear clips allow your headgear to be removed from the mask frame without disturbing the unique adjustment you make along the way. Moreover, this headgear includes adjustable straps which will help patients achieve an individualized fit without any hassle or complication.


  • Does not include lower clips, mask frame, cushion or other parts
  • Works with the Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask by ResMed
  • Provides comfortable and personalized fit
  • Available in size small and large
  • Includes upper headgear clips
  • Crown shaped configuration
  • Excellent replacement item
  • Adjustable straps
  • Blue color


The Headgear for the Mirage Liberty by ResMed