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Transcend II Portable CPAP Therapy System

Transcend II Portable CPAP Therapy System
Transcend II Portable CPAP Therapy System Transcend II Portable CPAP Therapy System
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Transcend II Portable CPAP Therapy System
By Transcend/Somnetics  |  Item No.: 503042
Price   $449.00
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Note: This Transcend device used in conjunction with a Humidifier will cause it to be similar to the size of your standard home CPAP machine

Transcend II Portable CPAP Therapy Machine

Top Notch CPAP Therapy System

The Transcend Portable CPAP Therapy Machine is an exceptionally well designed, efficient and convenient device. The Transcend Portable CPAP machine is the ideal choice for the mobile sleep apnea patient as it's compact, easy to transport and can be charged overseas. The Transcend Portable CPAP system is equipped with a range of essential functions and features so it will appeal to stationary patients equally well.

Ramp Feature

Trying to fall asleep right away at your prescribed pressure can often time prove to be difficult. The Transcend Portable CPAP machine makes this task easier with its special ramp comfort feature: the ramp feature will slowly increase pressure over a specified period of time, ranging from 0 to 45 minutes, so patients will be able to fall asleep more naturally. This feature should make the experience significantly more comfortable for patients.

Built for Travel

At just 0.94 pounds, the Transcend Portable CPAP machine is incredibly light in weight and therefore very easy to carry. This machine includes a special travel bag to make transporting it via airplane or bus a simple matter. What's more, the Transcend Portable CPAP machine has a universal AC power supply, and also international travel plus adapters so you can be worry-free when traveling overseas.

Additional Benefits

The Transcend Travel CPAP machine has advanced compliance tracking capability - it can store up to 13 months of therapy data just by itself! The machine also possesses automatic altitude adjustment so you won't have to fret over changes in elevation when you travel. The Transcend CPAP machine is remarkably quiet as it emits just 29 dBA, and it's compatible with any CPAP mask so you can pick whichever style suits you best.


  • Includes international travel plug adapters
  • Quiet therapy - 29 dBA sound level
  • Compatible with any CPAP mask
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Universal AC power supply
  • Ramp comfort feature
  • Compliance tracking
  • Small & lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Carrying bag
  • Compatible with any Standard Tubing

RX Required.

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