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Z1 Travel CPAP Machine

Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
Z1 Travel CPAP Machine Z1 Travel CPAP Machine Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
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Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
By Human Design Medical  |  Item No.: HD60-1005, HD60-1010
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The Smallest CPAP Machine on the Market

Mini-CPAP Machine for Travel

Weighing in at just 10 ounces, the Z1 Ultra Portable CPAP Machine by Human Design Medical (HDM) is undoubtedly the smallest, lightest CPAP machine currently on the market. Though it's a fraction of the size of most other CPAP devices, the Z1 offers just as much functionality and as many advanced features despite its modest dimensions. Given its size and properties, the Z1 is perhaps the most travel friendly CPAP machine currently available without sacrifice of productivity.

Small Size, Big Features

The Z1 Ultra Portable CPAP Machine by HDM is equipped with high tech features which make it a particularly desirable device on the market. The Z1 CPAP Machine is remarkably quiet: when operating it emits just 26 dBA of sound; this ensures that both you and your partner will be able to sleep without being disturbed. The best part about the Z1 smallest sleep apnea machine is that it comes with Standard Auto Altitude Adjustment and ZBreathe pressure relief. All in all, the Z1 compact CPAP machine is a brilliant choice for those searching for advanced features in a compact package.

Leak Compensation

To help ensure the best results for your sleep apnea, the Z1 provides leak compensation. Which alerts patients of an excessive air leak. This is an extremely important feature to establish the highest level of compliance and to achieve positive sleep apnea therapy.

Ramp Feature

The Ramp feature allows the patient to start treatment at a lower pressure to fall asleep, gently raising the pressure over a set time. This is a comfort setting and can set from 0 to 45 minutes on most CPAP machines. The Z1 CPAP machine can be set with or without a ramp time.

Z-Breathe Technology

The Z1 Travel small CPAP Machine comes with special Z-Breathe pressure relief technology. The Z-Breathe pressure relief will reduce pressure upon exhalation; this will increase patient comfort and help patients better adjust to the nature of CPAP therapy. Patients can choose from the following two Z-Breathe settings: set Z-Breathe to 1 for gentle pressure relief, or 2 for moderate pressure relief. This allows patients the ability to customize and optimize their experience.

Stay Charged with the PowerShell (Optional)

With a weight of only 9 ounces (9.8 oz. with the shuttle), the Z1 PowerShell itself is quite light and easy to carry throughout your travels. When fully charged, it is capable of providing power to your Z1 CPAP for up to 8 hours(using 14cm) enabling cord free operation for a full night which can be ideal for those who love camping, taking business trips or going on vacations and so forth.

Z1 CPAP Machine with Slim-Style Tubing Features

  • Smallest CPAP machine on the market
  • Ideal length (length 6.5" x width 3.3" x height 2").
  • Optional PowerShell integrated battery system (product no. HD60-1010)
  • Includes two Humidification Moisture Exchange Adapters
  • Easy to transport - light in weight (only 10 oz.) and compact
  • Exceptionally quiet - makes only 26 dBA while operating
  • Equipped with Auto Altitude Adjusting which makes adjustments according to the environment
  • Includes ZBreathe pressure relief - Zbreathe can be adjusted with a range of 1 to 2

HDM Z1 Travel CPAP Machine Overview



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