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XT Sense Portable CPAP Machine

XT Sense Portable CPAP Machine
XT Sense Portable CPAP Machine
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XT Sense Portable CPAP Machine
By APEX Medical  |  Item No.: SF02101
Price   $285.00

XT Sense Portable CPAP Machine

High-Quality Device

The XT Sense Portable CPAP Machine by APEX Medical is a reliable, effective sleep apnea device which will allow you to receive quality sleep without incurring discomfort or inconvenience. It is a fixed pressure device designed to give patients a pleasant therapy experience.  The Apex XT Sense is exceptionally travel-friendly; it's also equipped with essential functions such as auto altitude adjustment and leak compensation.

Travel Device

The APEX XT Sense is very small - literally palm-sized in stature - and thus is naturally ideal for its portability. The APEX XT Sense travel CPAP machine won't weigh you down when you travel so patients who travel frequently have very little to worry about. Conveniently, the XT Sense has an inbuilt power supply so powering this machine without extra supplies weighing it down is an easy proposition. This travel CPAP machine must be plugged into the wall outlet at all times in order to power the machine.

Data Collection and Management

The APEX XT Sense travel CPAP machine includes a handy SD card which will allow you to save, store and retrieve your critically important therapy information quickly and easily. Moreover, once saved on your SD card, you can also upload your data to a computer and then transfer it directly to your healthcare provider. In the XT Sense, data collection and management is made simple and straightforward.

Humidifier (optional)

If you need a humidification system order this Apex XT CPAP humidifier.


  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • Exceptionally quiet device
  • Small, palm-sized stature
  • Fixed pressure machine
  • Inbuilt power supply equals less overall weight. Still needs to be powered by AC wall outlet to operate.
  • Leak compensation
  • Includes SD card
  • Travel friendly

RX Required.

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