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XT Fit Portable CPAP Machine

XT Fit Portable CPAP Machine
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XT Fit Portable CPAP Machine
By APEX Medical  |  Item No.: SF01101
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Portable CPAP Machine by APEX Medical

Compact Travel CPAP Machine

The XT Fit Portable CPAP Machine by APEX Medical is an affordable, lightweight, slickly designed and technologically advanced machine which should satisfy even the most fastidious patient. Though appropriate for any lifestyle or setting, the XT Fit is particularly suited for mobile users. With its attractive feature set and impressive functionality, the XT Fit should be a top choice for any patient currently looking for a CPAP machine.

Travel Friendly Design

The XT Fit Portable CPAP Machine is a palm-sized, compact device. At just 1.76 pounds, it is also very lightweight and easy to carry. Most importantly, the XT Fit comes with an in-built power supply which adds to its overall portability unlike most CPAP machines out there that have an external power supply. In-built power supply only means fewer things to carry however the machine still needs to be plugged in the wall in order to power it. The XT Fit power supply allows the machine to work both domestically and internationally; users who intend to use the XT Fit during international travel will need to procure an outlet adapter. On the whole, with its size and design, the XT Fit makes for an ideal travel CPAP device.


Aside from its portability, the XT Fit also has numerous other features which make it a desirable machine. For instance, the XT Fit is equipped with Manual Altitude Adjustment, leak compensation, adjustable ramp settings and other features as well. Moreover, the XT Fit is a very quiet machine and should not disturb either you or your partner during sleep.


  • Adjustable ramp settings
  • Unit weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Operation (emits 28 dBA)
  • Tubing length: 6 feet
  • Includes carrying case

APEX XT Travel CPAP Machine Series



RX Required.

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