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Gauge Manometer by Tiara

Gauge Manometer by Tiara
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Gauge Manometer by Tiara
By Tiara  |  Item No.: TMS-13700
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Gauge Manometer Kit

Basic Facts

The Gauge Manometer by Tiara Medical Systems (TMS) is a high quality, sophisticated device which is designed to measure pressure levels during therapy. Included with the gauge manometer are two additional pieces of equipment - the O2 enrichment adapter and oxygen supply tubing.


The gauge manometer is incredibly easy to use and can measure pressure even when you are not using a mask. This tool is exceptionally accurate and will help ensure that patients have proper pressure levels throughout their therapy session. The gauge manometer is capable of measuring between 0-30 cm of pressure.


  • Package includes manometer gauge, O2 enrichment adapter and tubing
  • Unit of measurement - centimeters of water pressure (cm H2O)
  • Measures CPAP and BiPAP pressure
  • Guarantees proper pressure levels
  • Measures pressure from 0-30 cm
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple to use

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