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LouSal Enterprises

LouSal Enterprises makes CPAPMan's preferred moisture cream. The cream is intended to help patients prevent stretch marks and red blemishes from appearing on patient's faces after CPAP therapy: the frequent contact between a patient's face and the elastic straps and cushions can sometimes leave marks, and therapy cream can help reduce impressions.

To use LouSal's cream, simply apply a light dab to any areas of the face that may be irritated. Apply the cream for as long as necessary, and use daily if your skin appears dehydrated. The cream comes in a one ounce bottle and should last for a considerable length of time.

CPAP Moisture Therapy 1oz
CPAP Moisture Therapy 1oz
Model:  LousalEnterprise
By LouSal Enterprises

The CPAP Moisture Therapy by Lousal Enterprises is made up of quality ingredients and is useful for treating dry or irritated skin and alleviating discomfort.

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