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Zzz-PAP Silent Traveler Heated Humidifier

By Probasics  |  Item No.: 7620


The Handy and Convenient Heated Humidifier

Straightforward and Smooth Functioning

Humidifiers help to relieve nasal irritation and dryness by moistening the air and keeping it at an appropriate temperature. The Zzz-PAP Heated Humidifier from ProBasics does precisely that with top notch effectiveness. Simple to use, the Zzz-PAP Humidifier has 6 different settings and is designed to maintain a consistent differential between water in the chamber and the surrounding room temperature. Thus, it is intended to keep humidification levels constant while minimizing possible complications. Additionally, the Zzz-PAP device is designed for quiet performance is among the quietest devices of its kind.

Travel and Maintenance Friendly

The Zzz PAP is a very light device - weighing less than 2 pounds - and its compatibility with most foreign power supplies make it an exceptionally travel friendly item. The Zzz PAP Heated Humidifier is also very simple to clean and maintain: its water chamber is detachable which makes cleaning easier, and the whole device can be disassembled for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Zzz-PAP Silent Traveler Heated Humidifier Features

  • Disassembly allows for easy cleaning
  • Light - device weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Compatible with domestic and most foreign power supplies
  • Inbuilt protection against overheating
  • Built for quiet performance

Getting the Most out of Heated Humidification

RX Required.

SKU: 1255