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Transcend Waterless H6B Humidification System

By Transcend/Somnetics  |  Item No.: 303005
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Transcend H6B Humidification System

High Quality Humidifier

The Transcend H6B Humidification System by Somnetics is a slickly designed, advanced gadget which represents a significant improvement over traditional humidifiers. The H6B is a waterless humidification system which utilizes special hygienic heat and moisture exchange (HME) technology to deliver top-of-the-line humidification without hassle or complication. The H6B Transcend CPAP Humidification System is conveniently smaller than the vast majority of humidifiers: the H6B is small enough so that it will fit easily on your nightstand, bedside table, dresser drawer or even the side of your bed!

HME Humidification

The Somnetics Transcend H6B humidifier is an innovative device because it utilizes HME technology. HME humidification has been used in hospital settings for more than 50 years, but until the Transcend H6B it hadn't been incorporated by a CPAP humidifier. HME filters provide natural humidification as you breathe: when you exhale, the HMEs retain the warmth and moisture from your breath while the CO2 safely passes through the filter and out through the mask ventilation system. Then, during inhalation, the warmth and moisture humidify the air as it pass through, greatly enhancing your therapy.


  • Fits neatly on nightstand or bedside table
  • 6 foot pressure line delivery hose
  • Unparalleled portability
  • Mask shell assembly
  • Forehead pad
  • 4 HMEs

Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP Machine

RX Required.

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