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Heated Humidifier by Transcend

By Transcend/Somnetics  |  Item No.: 503064



This Somnetics Humidifier used in conjunction with any Transcend device will cause it to be similar to the size of your standard home CPAP machine

Heated Humidifier for Transcend CPAP Machines

Versatile Humidifier for the Transcend Series

The Heated Humidifier for the Transcend Series CPAP Machines is a top notch humidification system that contributes to a more comfortable overall therapy experience. Highly versatile, this humidifier is compatible with all the CPAP machines from the Transcend series, including the Transcend Auto CPAP and Transcend EZEX. The Transcend heated humidifier is also compatible with a wide variety of masks, so you'll be able to select the one which provides the best fit.

Benefits of Humidification

Occasionally, sleep apnea patients have to deal with undesirable side effects of CPAP therapy; these side effects include nasal congestion, irritation, dryness and sore throat. Receiving adequate humidification is the best means to avoid such consequences.The Transcend CPAP humidifier will monitor your surrounding temperature and maintain optimal humidity levels so that your therapy is comfortable and trouble free.

Excellent Performance

The Transcend CPAP humidifier has a water storage capacity of 325 milliliters (when up to the fill line) and is capable of providing humidification throughout your entire therapy session without issue. The humidifier has 5 different heater settings so you can adjust your device according to the particulars of your environment. What's more, the Transcend CPAP humidifier has wide power compatibility and so it's very easy to charge overseas.

Easy to Maintain

The Transcend Heated Humidifier is composed of just a few basic parts so it's very easy to take apart and clean. When cleaning the device by hand you'll want to use warm water and a light detergent. You can also save time by tossing your humidifier in the dishwasher. Properly cleaning your sleep apnea equipment regularly will greatly enhance its lifespan.


  • Weight: 2.2 pounds empty, 3.1 pounds with water up to the fill line
  • High versatility - works with all Transcend CPAP machines
  • Water storage capacity of 325 milliliters
  • Easy to power when traveling overseas
  • Compatible with a variety of masks
  • Simple maintenance
  • Warm up indicator
  • Increases comfort
  • 5 heater settings
  • Dishwasher safe


Overview of Transcend CPAP Systems




RX Required.

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