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Filter, Ultrafine, for IntelliPAP CPAP, 4/pkg

Filter, Ultrafine, for IntelliPAP CPAP, 4/pkg
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Filter, Ultrafine, for IntelliPAP CPAP, 4/pkg
By Sunset HCS  |  Item No.: CF5004
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Ultrafine Filter for the IntelliPAP Machine

High Quality Disposable Filters

The Ultrafine Disposable Filter for the IntelliPAP CPAP Machine by DeVilbiss is a highly valuable accessory which has the ability to block dust particles, debris, pollen and other harmful bacteria from clogging your machine and compromising your therapy. This filter promotes hygiene and keeps the air you breathe healthy and bacteria free. Given that the filter will lose its effectiveness over time, it's critically important that you replace your filter in a timely fashion; the filter should be replaced roughly every three to six weeks, and it should be replaced immediately if it appears discolored. This item contains four filters so you won't need to purchase more for at least three months.


In addition to the IntelliPAP Standard CPAP machine, this disposable filter is compatible with the IntelliPAP Auto CPAP (or APAP) machine as well.


  • Compatible with the IntelliPAP Standard and Auto CPAP machines
  • Filter lasts approximately three to six weeks
  • Should be replaced when discolored
  • Blocks dust and pollen particles
  • Comes in a pack of four

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