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Filter, Foam Pollen, for IntelliPAP CPAP, 4/pkg

Filter, Foam Pollen, for IntelliPAP CPAP, 4/pkg
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Filter, Foam Pollen, for IntelliPAP CPAP, 4/pkg
By Sunset HCS  |  Item No.: CF5004F
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Sunset Healthcare Foam Filter for IntelliPAP Machines

Durable Foam Filter

The Foam Filter for IntelliPAP Machines by Sunset is a highly durable, effective tool which attaches easily to your device and prevents debris, dust and particles from compromising your therapy. Unlike other filters, this foam filter is washable and can last up to 12 months with impeccable maintenance.


The foam filter should be washed regularly with a mild detergent and then dried using a soft, disposable towel. Importantly, the filter be rolled tightly within the towel, but should not be twisted. It may be wise to replace your foam filter earlier than is absolutely necessary as older filters can be less effective; the filter should be replaced immediately if it appears significantly discolored.


  • Should be replaced when showing significant discoloration
  • Blocks debris and other particles from entering your mask
  • Compatible with IntelliPAP machines by DeVilbiss
  • Each filter lasts between 6-12 months
  • Comes in a package of four
  • Easy application
  • Washable filter

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