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Six Foot Slim CPAP Tubing By Sunset Healthcare

By Sunset Health Care Solutions  |  Item No.: TUB006SS
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HCS 6 Foot Slim Tube


The HCS 6 Foot Slim Tube by Sunset is an exceedingly well-designed, expertly crafted accessory which represents a significant improvement compared to earlier models. This slick, handy accessory can be used with any CPAP, Bi-Level or Auto-Titrator machine so it boasts high versatility. Highly flexible, the HCS Slim Tube won't cause issues when you move around during sleep.

Convenient Design

Unlike other tubes of lower quality, the HCS Slim Tube has ends made of silicone-rubber as opposed to pure rubber. What's more, the tube has 22cm cuffs which are easily graspable and therefore convenient for removing the tube from your device. The extremely smooth interior of the slim hose for CPAP machines results in less air resistance and substantially less noise. Find more quality Sunset CPAP supplies with CPAPMan.


  • Can be used with any CPAP, Bi-Level or Auto-Titrator machine
  • Smooth interior causes less air resistance and reduces noise
  • Tubing ends are made of silicone-rubber
  • Easily graspable 22mm cuffs
  • Lighter than most tubes
  • Highly flexible
  • Avoids kinks
  • Latex free







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