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IntelliPAP 2 - 15mm TrimLine Tubing

By DeVilbiss  |  Item No.: CPAPTUB6TL
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Ultra Lightweight Tube
DeVilbiss goes light with the lightweight grey TrimLine tube. Introducing the flexible 6 Foot slim line style tubing made with a 15mm diameter build that is constructed to work with ANY CPAP or BiLevel machines across every platform that has the ability in the settings to use a 15mm diameter tube.


  • Are you a lightweight mask user or move around actively in your sleep? The best combination includes the use of a lightweight hose!!! Light plus Light equals freedom!! With all this flexibility in motion and this tube having roughly a 20% reduction in weight compared to a standard tube, you are virtually guaranteed to now experience less drag and less mask seal failure. Less leaks = better sleep.
  • The rubber cuffs has the standard 22mm fit which makes it universally able to fit all mask connections. Fitting it on and off the tube is simple. 

The Devilbiss 2 15mm 6 Foot TrimLine tube can be used in a wide variety of CPAP application not shying away from the CPAP devices on the market as long as the 15mm option is available in the settings. 

Some of these include:

  • ResMed CPAP Machines
  • PR System One Remstar CPAP Machines

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