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EZ-Talk Connector by SleepSense

By SleepSense  |  Item No.: 7710
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SleepSense EZ-Talk Connector Valve

Convenient Airflow Control Device

The EZ-Talk Connector Valve by SleepSense is a useful device which gives patients the ability to temporarily shut off the flow of air through their mask. Occasionally, after patients have put their mask on, patients need to engage in conversation or have a desire to eat or drink; this connector valve allows patients to perform these actions without removing their mask! Hence, this connector valve adds a great deal of convenience to your therapy system as it gives patients the luxury of not having to take off their mask repeatedly throughout the night. The EZ-Talk connector valve is fixed with a lever which can flipped with a single finger.


This connector valve is a highly versatile device and is capable of working with any CPAP mask. This valve is exceptionally simple to attach - simply snap it into position between the mask frame and tubing and ensure that it has a snug fit.


  • Allows patients to eat, drink or chat
  • Adds convenience and comfort
  • Works with any CPAP mask
  • Simple lever/switch design
  • Temporarily stops airflow
  • Easy to connect

The Various Masks of CPAP Therapy -

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