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USB 2.0 SD Card Reader

USB 2.0 SD Card ReaderUSB 2.0 SD Card ReaderUSB 2.0 SD Card Reader

USB 2.0 SD Card Reader


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Designed for use with CPAP machines that use an SD card to store and track your therapy data, the USB SD Card Reader is a great choice for CPAP users that have a SD-equipped machine but don’t have a computer or device with an SD card slot. It’s an ideal option for patients who want to access data on the road. It’s compatible with all CPAP SD cards, including ResMed and Respironics machines and SD cards, as these companies manufacture their own SD cards that must be used with their designated machines. This CPAP SD card reader can also be used for applications beyond reading your CPAP’s SD card!

  • Small, portable and easy to use
  • Convenient setup
  • USB 2.0 plug and Micro USB plug all in one
  • SD card sold separately
  • Compatible with all CPAP machines

SKU: 1632

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