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S9 Oximeter Adapter

S9 Oximeter Adapter


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This oximeter adapter works with any S9 series CPAP machine and will monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels, improving the overall effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.

A Highly Versatile Oximeter Adapter

A Great Means to Monitor Your Oxygen Levels

The S9 Oximeter Adapter by ResMed is designed to monitor the blood oxygen saturation levels of patients in order to increase their overall quality of CPAP therapy. The Oximeter Adapter is compatible with any S9 ResMed device, though it was designed to complement the NONIN Xpod Oximeter. The Oximeter Adapter gathers data on oxygen saturation by fitting snugly on your finger; the adapter has been designed to withstand significant movement and will stay firmly in place throughout the entire duration of your sleep.

Recording on SD Card

The oxygen saturation data acquired by the Oximeter Adapter are recorded on your ResMed SD Card. The information is then available for viewing on your computer; it's also available to be shared with your healthcare provider or physician in order to enhance your complete therapeutic experience. The Resmed S9 Oximeter Adapter is thus ideal for users looking to improve their quality of care.

Oximeter Adapter for S9 CPAP Machines Features

  • Compatible with any S9 device by ResMed
  • Records oxygen saturation data on your SD Card
  • Designed to work with the NONIN Xpod Oximeter
  • Fits snugly but gently on your finger
  • Remains in place even with constant movements during sleep

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