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IntelliPAP SmartLink Module

IntelliPAP SmartLink Module


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intelliPAP SmartLink Module

High Quality Data Analysis Device

The intelliPAP SmartLink Module by DeVilbiss is provides a convenient and efficient means of storing your vital therapy information for the purposes of review, analysis and sharing. The SmartLink Module records the data produced by your machine and promotes overall therapy effectiveness by allowing you to keep track of your progress. Keeping track of your data and receiving regular feedback from your physician are two essential tasks of therapy; the SmartLink Module makes both of these tasks simple and stress free.

Note the data card is not included in this item.


The intelliPAP SmartLink Module is very easy to install. Once attached to your machine it is capable of storing up to 3 years of therapy data from a Standard intelliPAP machine and 120 nights of detailed data from the AutoAdjust intelliPAP machine. This data storing module can be used with a memory card, card reader and PC software; using the module with these other devices will allow you to upload, read and share your information with ease.


  • Capacity - stores up to 3 years of data from a Standard intelliPAP machine and 120 nights of advanced compliance data for the AutoAdjust intelliPAP machine
  • Easy sharing with physician or healthcare professional
  • Allows patients to transfer data to a memory card
  • Enables users to monitor their progress easily
  • Compatible with any intelliPAP machine
  • Includes memory card and software
  • Promotes therapy effectiveness
  • Oximetry port (optional)

The intelliPAP Series CPAP Machines by DeVilbiss


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IntelliPAP Smart Link Module

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