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IntelliPAP SmartLink Data SD Card

IntelliPAP SmartLink Data SD Card


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SmartLink SD Card for intelliPAP CPAP and BiPAP Machines. This data card will make it easier to analyze and transport your sleep apnea data.

intelliPAP SmartLink SD Data Card

Overview of the intelliPAP SD Data Card

The intelliPAP SmartLink Data SD Card by DeVilbiss is a well-constructed, handy accessory which has the potential to add greatly to the effectiveness of your therapy. Compiling and regularly examining your therapy data is one of the most essential tasks of sleep apnea therapy, and the intelliPAP SD card makes this task significantly easier by enabling you to store and share your information faster and more easily. Patients should be diligent in keeping track of their progress as it may be necessary to make changes and alterations in your therapy.

Data Sharing

intelliPAP machines are equipped with a SmartLink module which saves your vital therapy information; however, sharing such information without a data card can be difficult because patients will need to directly connect their module to a PC. The intelliPAP SD card simplifies the data sharing process - once you save your information to your data card you'll be able to either upload it to your PC or transfer it directly to your physician or healthcare provider. With the intelliPAP SD card you'll be able to attain more consistent feedback and therefore have a better overall experience.


The intelliPAP SmartLink SD data card is a versatile card- the SD card is compatible with all intelliPAP, APAP and Bi-Level machines.


  • Compatible with all IntelliPAP CPAP, APAP and Bi-Level machines
  • Available individually or in packages of 10
  • Works with your SmartLink module
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • Uploads data to your PC

All About the intelliPAP


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