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Devilbiss SmartLink Module /w Data Card

Devilbiss SmartLink Module /w Data Card


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The SmartLink Module for the IntelliPAP Series by DeVilbiss are quality items which will help patients store and transfer their vital therapy data.

Link Module for the IntelliPAP Series

Straightforward Operation

The SmartLink Module for the IntelliPAP Series by DeVilbiss are top quality items which are designed to assist patients with storing, saving, transferring and analyzing their vitally important therapy information. The SmartLink Module is easy to install and enables your IntelliPAP CPAP machine to record your therapy data; the included data card then allows you to store your information and transfer it to a PC at your leisure. These data storage items will enhance your overall experience as they will allow you to analyze your information and carefully track and monitor your CPAP therapy progress.


This package is compatible with all CPAP machines from the IntelliPAP series by DeVilbiss Healthcare. So, this module will work with the IntelliPAP DV53D Standard Plus, the IntelliPAP DV57D-HH AutoBilevel BiPAP machine with heated humidifier, the IntelliPAP DV51D-HH Standard CPAP machine and others as well. The data gathered from the module can be uploaded to a personal computer in a flash and can be transferred to your physician or healthcare provider just as easily.


  • Compatible with a wide variety of IntelliPAP machines by DeVilbiss
  • Stores/saves up to 3 years of therapy data
  • Includes module and software
  • 120 days of detailed therapy data
  • Improves therapy outcomes
  • Easy to transfer data to PC
  • Enhanced data analysis


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