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Z1/Z2 12V DC Mobile Adapter

Z1/Z2 12V DC Mobile Adapter


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12V DC Adapter for the Z1/Z2

Travel Friendly Adapter

The 12V DC Mobile Adapter by Human Design Medical (HDM) is designed to work with the travel CPAP machines from the Z1/Z2 series. This DC adapter is lightweight, measures approximately six feet in length and is ideal for patients who travel frequently for business or pleasure. This mobile adapter has an LED usage indicator which gives patients a visual representation of power status.


The 12V DC mobile adapter is designed to plug into the "cigarette" style power sockets which are located in the majority of boats, cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. It is important to note that patients should not use another, non-HDM manufactured power adapter with their Z1/Z2 travel machine because doing so may seriously damage their CPAP device.


  • Works with all Z1/Z2 CPAP machines by Human Design Medical
  • Non-HDM power cords may damage your Z1/Z2 machine
  • Plugs into "cigarette" style 12V DC power sockets
  • Approximately six feet in length
  • Ideal for frequent travelers
  • Comes with FA fuse
  • LED usage indicator

The Z1 Travel Machine by Human Design Medical -


SKU: 1322
  HCPCS CodeE1399
  DC Power5A, 12v
  Length6' (1.83m) Cord, ABS, Fused, LED
  Dimensions5 x 3 x 1 inches
  Extra FeaturesAuto Power Plug to 2.1mm DC Plug
  Weight3 oz
  UPC Code00859477004062

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