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12V Car Charger PILOT-12

12V Car Charger PILOT-12

12V Car Charger PILOT-12

Charger - 12, Charger - 24

Price: $39.00
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No Prescription Required

Here we have the 12v DC cigarette outlet charger for Choice One Medical CPAP back up battery . Ideally, this is meant for those frequent hikers, campers, or world travelers, etc. 

Keeping your battery charged is important and sleeping well at night is the key! Simply plug in the Pilot-12 charger and the battery will be full in 3-4 hours. 

Note the charger for Pilot-24 has a 4v transformer.


  • Charge-12: compatible to Pilot-12
  • Charge-24: compatible to Pilot-24 (No longer available.)

ATTENTION: The battery in the above image is not included, that is a separate purchase with the link in the description.

SKU: 1695
  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  LengthCord measures at 4 feet in length
  Weight0.20 lbs
  Warranty1 Year

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