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Filter, Ultrafine, for iSleep 20 Series CPAP

Filter, Ultrafine, for iSleep 20 Series CPAP


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Sunset Healthcare Filter for the iSleep 20 Series

High Quality Replaceable Filter

The Replacement Filter for the iSleep 20 Series by Sunset is an easy to install, highly effective and durable disposable filter. Once installed, this filter will help prevent dirt, dust and debris from clogging up your machine, thereby increasing the quality of your therapy. This replacement filter will work with all machines from the iSleep 20 series. This package comes with 2 filters.


The filter for the iSleep 20 series should be replaced roughly every 6 months (occasionally sooner) in order to optimize your experience. Though potent when newly installed, the filter will gradually lose its ability to adequately block and prevent debris from clogging your device. If at any point your filter appears discolored it should be changed immediately to make certain your therapy isn't compromised.


  • Compatible with the iSleep 20i Auto CPAP System and HA01 iSleep Heated Humidifier
  • Filter should be changed roughly every 6 months
  • Functions as a replacement or spare part
  • Package includes 2 filters
  • Simple to attach




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