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Transcend 365 CPAP Filter

Transcend 365 CPAP Filter


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Transcend 365 Series Filters

Highest Quality Filters

The Filter for the Transcend 365 manufactured by Somnetics is a highly recommended item to have a few of. With the main goal being to provide the most superb protection for your CPAP machine and you, Somnetics ensures you will with this filter. An easy to install-filter from the get-go; do yourself a favour and help guard against the build-up of undesirable debris, bacteria and other large unwanted particles. As a rule of thumb, it is best advised to have your filter be replaced on a regular basis(6months) in order to ensure optimal protection. Having a clean filter helps to create cleaner air for you to breathe in and therefore contributing to a more superior overall therapy. 


This protective filter is only designed to work with the Transcend 365 series machines by Somnetics. The previous generations have their own style of filter as well as the latest iteration 365 having it's own style of filter.  These filters will not work with machines made by other manufacturers.


  • Designed for the Transcend 365 by Somnetics
  • Protects your machine against harmful particles
  • Promotes maximum hygiene
  •  6 month usage

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