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Reusable Foam Filter for iSleep 20 Series CPAP

Reusable Foam Filter for iSleep 20 Series CPAP


Price: Discontinued

iSleep 20 Series Machines Foam Filter

Durable Foam Filter

The Foam Filter for the iSleep 20 Series Machines by Sunset is a highly durable and effective tool designed to block dust, debris and particles from clogging your device and lowering the quality of your results. The foam filter is exceptionally easy to apply and remove - the filter attaches between your machine and tube and keeps your air fresh and healthy. This filter is available in one per pack.

Regular Cleaning

Unlike other filters, this foam filter has a long lifespan and will last between six to twelve months. Patients should be sure to clean and maintain this filter regularly in order to maximize its lifespan. To clean, use a mild detergent and wash the filter gently; then dry the filter off using a soft towel. Be sure not to twist the filter with the towel when drying. If the foam filter becomes discolored at any point it should be replaced immediately.


  • Regular cleaning will increase effectiveness and lifespan
  • Works with iSleep 20 Series CPAP Machines by Breas
  • Highly durable - lasts between six to twelve months
  • Easy to apply and remove

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