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Disposable HypoAllergenic Filters for S9/AirSense/AirCurve 10 Machines by Sunset Healthcare

By Sunset Health Care Solutions  |  Item No.: CF2107HA-2, CF2107HA-3, CF2107HA-6
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Sunset Healthcare HypoAllergenic Filter for ResMed S9 Series Machines

Dual Layered Disposable Filters

The Disposable HypoAllergenic Filter for the ResMed S9 Series Machines by Sunset is designed to block debris and potentially harmful bacteria from clogging up your device and compromising the quality of your therapy. This HypoAllergenic filter has an inner layer and outer layer - the inner layer will block small particles while the outer layer will filter out larger particles and debris. The HypoAllergenic disposable filter for the S9 series machines is very easy to insert and will help you maximize hygiene and create superior therapy results.

Frequent Replacement

In order to promote maximum hygiene and efficiency, it is recommended that patients replace their HypoAllergenic filter roughly every three to six weeks. The filter will gradually lose its effectiveness over time and so frequent replacement is required to optimize therapy. When your filter has a discolored appearance replacement is necessary.


  • Prevents debris and bacteria from clogging your machine
  • Should be replaced roughly every three to six weeks
  • Should be discarded when discolored
  • Dual layered for maximum efficiency
  • Available in packs of two or six
  • Increases hygiene
  • Width - 22mm


ResMed S9 Series - New Features & Straightforward Design




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