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CPAP VaporClear Sinus Blaster by Pur-Sleep
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CPAP VaporClear Sinus Blaster by Pur-Sleep

By Pur-Sleep  |  Item No.: VaporW


CPAP VaporClear Sinus Blaster

Overview of the VaporClear Blaster

The CPAP VaporClear Sinus Blaster by Pur-Sleep is designed to help clear your nasal passages with scented oils and improve your overall therapeutic experience as a result. Straightforward and uncomplicated, the VaporClear sinus blaster is easy to set up and will operate autonomously - once in the correct position, the air will naturally help cycle the oil and fragrance through the machine and into your mask. The oils will help to relax your nasal passages as well as clear them more effectively.


Installation for the VaporClear Sinus Blaster is a breeze - the device is not placed inside the machine at all, but is positioned in the rear of the machine just behind the filter. Simply place the diffusion pad in the stand and then position behind the filter. After this is done, you'll start enjoying the benefits of the device immediately!


The CPAP VaporClear Sinus Blaster includes two unique fragrances for you to choose between - Calm and Clear. Calm consists of eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary, while Clear is made of peppermint, lemon, lime and sage. These two fragrances are very pleasant and should be effective in relieving stress associated with therapy.


  • Comes with two different scents - Calm and Clear
  • Essential oil - made for natural aromatherapy
  • Improves your overall therapy experience
  • Includes 4 reusable diffusion pads
  • Helps clear your nasal passage
  • Easy installation


All About the CPAP VaporClear by Pur-Sleep




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