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SoClean Heated Hose Adapter

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SoClean Heated Hose Adapter


Price: $20.00
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The Heated Tubing Adapter by Better Rest Solutions is a tool which enables your ResMed CPAP machine with heated tubing to work with the SoClean device.

Heated Tubing Adapter for the SoClean Device and S9 ClimateLine Tubing


The Heated Tubing Adapter for the SoClean II Cleaner & Sanitizer by Better Rest Solutions is a valuable utensil which will allow patients who use a ResMed CPAP machine to connect the SoClean to their ClimateLine heated tube. This adapter is very easy to install and use - simply snap the adapter into position just below the tubing injector and then rotate it so that it fits into the ClimateLine tubing.

Chemical Free Cleaning Procedure

The SoClean II Cleaner and Sanitizer is an atypical cleaning device which uses only oxygen to clean your machine, mask, tubing and other equipment. With its unique chemical free cleaning technique the SoClean II will eliminate 99.9 percent of potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, oils and other substances. The SoClean II will prolong the lifespan of your equipment and also simultaneously boost your therapy results.


  • Enables your ResMed S9 ClimateLine heated tubing to work with the SoClean Sanitizer
  • The SoClean relies on a chemical free cleaning process
  • Cleans your machine, mask, tubing and other supplies
  • Eliminates 99.9 percent of undesirable materials
  • Increases lifespan of your equipment
  • Improves therapy effectiveness
  • Easy installation

Return on warranty issues only.


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