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SoClean/ SoClean II Neutralising Pre-Wash 8oz
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SoClean/ SoClean II Neutralising Pre-Wash 8oz

By SoClean  |  Item No.: PN1101.8
Price   $18.00

No Prescription Required

It is recommended to use this neutralizing pre-wash prior to you using your SoClean/SoClean II/SoClean 2 Go for the first time. This pre-wash is  fragrance and odor free as well as dye free thereby removing any unpleasant scents left in the SoClean during manufacturing and transportation. You can also use this pre-wash to satinize your SoClean after prolonged use which will take your machine farther.

Make sure that you only hand wash your SoClean! Not Dishwasher safe

Cleaning instructions:

Always use the pre-wash whenever you hand wash your current or new CPAP hose, mask and water chamber.  

Add one capful of pre-wash solution into a gallon of water. Hand-wash your CPAP hose, mask and water chamber.  Rinse well.

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