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CPAPMans Tubing and Mask Cleaning and Care Kit

By CPAPMan  |  Item No.: CPAPManCareKit


A complete comfort and cleaning kit that features CPAP mask wipes and sprays for both at home use and when traveling, a CPAP tubing hose lift that will help reduce or eliminate the tangling of your tube during CPAP therapy, and a tubing brush that is significantly more effective than washing your tube with water and hanging to air dry.




  • Three and a half foot stainless stem CPAP tubing brush that will work with any CPAP tube under six feet in length. Cleaning your CPAP tube daily will increase life span. Will effectively remove all calcium and mineral build ups.
  • CPAP Moisture Therapy tube that reduces skin irritation by helping to prevent chaffing that can occur when using a CPAP mask.
  • Citrus II Travel CPAP Mask Cleaning Spray that is compatible with all types of CPAP masks. Safe and effective, this spray will help prevent any type of cracks on your CPAP mask.
  • CPAP Mask Cleansing Wipes that are alcohol and latex free. Quickest way to thoroughly clean your mask, the wipes are unscented and are more effective than washing with solely water.
  • CPAP Tubing Lift that will work with any length of CPAP tubing. Prevents your tube from tangling during use while also allowing for the tube to rest out of your way during sleep apnea therapy.

The CPAPMan Cleaning and Care Kit!



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