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Ruby Style Chin Strap by Sunset Healthcare

By Sunset Health Care Solutions  |  Item No.: CS007S, CS007M, CS007L
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Ruby Style Chin Strap by Sunset

Soft and Flexible Chin Strap

The Ruby Style Chin Strap by Sunset is designed to provide a more secure mask and headgear fit for sleep apnea therapy patients. The Ruby Red Chin Strap is remarkably straightforward and easy to apply: before putting on your mask and headgear, simply place your chin inside the chin strap cup and then pull the straps frontward over your head. This chin strap for sleep apnea is latex free and simple to clean (it is not dishwasher safe).

Works with Nasal and Nasal Pillow Users

Once properly fitted, the Ruby Style Chin Strap by Sunset will keep your mouth closed throughout the duration of therapy. This function will confer a special benefit for patients who use a nasal mask or nasal pillow mask.

Elastic Material

The Sunset chin strap is composed of neoprene, a soft and highly flexible material which will stretch easily in order to accommodate different head and chin sizes. The Sunset chin strap for sleep apnea is able to fit snugly without the use of Velcro.


  • Keeps mouth closed to accommodate nasal/nasal pillow users
  • Made of highly elastic, stretchable material
  • Chin strap cup fits users with large chins
  • Comes in small, medium and large
  • Includes cleaning instructions
  • Latex free
  • Ruby red

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