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Chin Strap with Stretchy Velcro straps that Velcro to headgear

Chin Strap with Stretchy Velcro straps that Velcro to headgear


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Basic Chin Strap by Philips Respironics

High Quality Chin Strap by PR

The Chin Strap by Philips Respironics is a well-designed accessory which includes a special tricoypolyester cup and Velcro straps which attach to your headgear. This chin strap is remarkably easy to attach, fit and adjust and will help stabilize your headgear device and contribute toward a more overall comfortable therapy experience. A versatile piece of equipment, this chin strap for CPAP will work with the ComfortGel, ComfortLite 2, Optilife and ComfortFusion masks be Philips Respironics.

Mouth Droppers

A number of sleep apnea patients suffer from chronic mouth or jaw dropping during sleep. Patients who keep their mouths open during sleep tend to develop dry mouth more often than other patients; what's more, having an open mouth can compromise the quality of one's results. This strap sits underneath your chin and will ensure that your mouth and kept closed throughout your therapy session.

Attaching and Fitting

This Velcro chin strap is very simple to attach and fit - to attach, just place the chin cradle under your chin and wrap the strap over your head. The Velcro straps allow you to adjust the chin strap to accommodate your particular head size and shape. The chin cradle itself has a narrow section and wide section which give patients two different positioning options. This chin strap will fit a wide variety of head sizes and masks, however it tends to work better with smaller head sizes and masks.


  • Compatible with ComfortGel, ComfortLite 2, Optilife & ComfortFusion
  • Works with smaller heads/masks better than larger heads/masks
  • Chin cradle has narrow section and wide section
  • Includes a tricotpolyester cup
  • Easy to apply and fit
  • Velcro straps
  • Lightweight

Attaching A Chinstrap

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