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Respironics DreamWear Nasal Kit with Updated Headgear Design

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Respironics DreamWear Nasal Kit with Updated Headgear Design


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DreamWear Nasal Mask Kit with Updated Headgear

Philips Respironics has created a new DreamWear Nasal CPAP mask kit that includes the updated headgear with arms. The kit also contains the small and medium sizes for the DreamWear Nasal Under the Nose Cushion and the DreamWear frame. This product is ideal for new CPAP users, active sleepers that benefit the most from the top of head hose design, and users who want to try out the DreamWear masks but are uncertain about which size to buy.

Top of Head Hose Connection
The DreamWear Nasal mask features a unique hose connection at the top of the head, which allows the user to turn whichever direction without pulling the tube. The airflow of this CPAP mask comes through either of the silicone sides into the nasal cushion. Even if one side is blocked, the other will provide an air passage. This means that the user can sleep in any preferred position with no impact on their therapy.

Minimalistic Design
The special design of the mask keeps the user’s view unobstructed. There is no bulky frame covering the user’s face, so the mask is ideal when performing bedtime activities such as watching television, reading, and using the phone. It also isn’t as likely to cause skin irritation or leave marks due to its soft material.

Headgear with Arms
This kit includes the updated headgear with arms for increased stability, comfort, and quality of sleep. The headgear is easier to attach and detach, and the arms lower the straps closer to the user’s neck for increased comfort and a stronger fit and seal.

Key Features

  • Hose connection placement at top of head
  • Open, unobstructed view without forehead support
  • Simple, minimalistic design
  • Innovative frame delivers airflow to the cushion
  • Cradle cushion rests under the nose, not over or on it
  • Cushion and frame includes small and medium sizes
  • Includes the new headgear with arms


Component Material

  • Cushion: Silicone Polycarbonate
  • Frame: Silicone Polycarbonate
  • Elbow: Polycarbonate
  • Tubing Quick Release: Polycarbonate
  • Headgear: Polyurethane foam, Nylon, Spandex, Thermoplastic Elastomer


Reviewer’s Tip

Although there is a DreamWear Sizing Gauge for the Nasal mask, users have often found out that they needed a different size. Always trust your instincts; if the pillow keeps slipping, or there is an abnormal amount of air leakage, try out a different size.


How exactly is this product different from the original DreamWear headgear?
The headgear with arms have two flexible arms that connect to the frame instead of the original which just has a strap. This lowers the headgear to go closer to the neck, which increases stability and comfort.

Are any of the parts different from the original DreamWear masks other than the headgear?
No, all other parts are the same. The headgear with arms uses the same connector as the old headgear, but instead of a strap, it has a rectangular hook.

SKU: 1839
  • Small and Medium Cushions
  • Small and Medium Frames
  • Headgear with Arms

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