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ResMed Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask

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ResMed Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP MaskResMed Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP MaskResMed Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP MaskResMed Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask

ResMed Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask

62200, 62251

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Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask from ResMed. ResMed is a leading manufacturer of CPAP masks and CPAP machines. Swift FX Nano is an extremely comfortable CPAP mask.

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Swift FX Nano – ResMed

The ResMed Swift FX Nano is an extraordinarily compact nasal mask designed to be as high performing for sleep therapy as it is small. The Swift FX Nano uses an over the nose cushion that surrounds the nose, resting on the upper lip below your nostrils and just below the bridge of the nose. The threadlike headgear supports the nasal cushion without touching the forehead and most of the face. This streamlined mask has no hard plastic parts, so side sleeping is trouble-free. With only three lightweight parts, the ResMed Swift FX Nano is a breeze to fit, wear, clean and assemble.


  • Open face design
  • Ultra-minimalist headgear with no frame
  • Gentle at every contact point

High performing compact design The Swift FX Nano is frameless. The nasal cushion fits into a swivel ring attached to a short, flexible tube that connects to the CPAP machine. Opaque over the ear headgear straps attach to the sides of the cushion and extend over the top of the head. A slender band of fabric stretches across the back of the head, above the neck. Effective two-point headgear support is achieved due to the dual wall SpringAir nasal cushion that is engineered to stay sufficiently sealed to the face without a need for tight headgear. The Swift FX Nano headgear is barely visible on the face, yet the cushion seal is stable and capable even with lots of side to side movement. Despite its small footprint on the face, the tiny Swift FX Nano nasal mask for CPAP is rated for up to 30 cmH20 pressure, higher than many larger mask designs.

Feather-light fit

The open-face architecture of the Swift FX Nano means that facial hair does not impede a good fit, and vision is entirely unobstructed. Side sleeping and wearing glasses are also easily accomplished. The dual wall SpringAir nasal cushion evenly distributes air pressure through all sides to reduce pressure points. The SpringAir cushion is thinner at the bridge of the nose and more compact along the sides to ensure a good seal. The smooth silicone tendrils of the headgear only touch the face along the cheekbones, so the face is mostly left untouched. With so few points of contact, facial marks and skin irritation are barely a worry. Optional fabric wraps are also available to place over the cheeks.

Simple to fit, simple to use

The ResMed Swift FX comes in two sizes, standard and wide, so it’s easy to decide which version is best for you. With only three parts, headgear, cushion, and a flexible tube, the Swift FX Nano assembles and disassembles quickly. Placing the mask is as simple as holding the cushion over the nose and pulling the headgear over the head. The buckle at the top of the head generally only needs to be adjusted initially, leaving only the back straps to adjust each use. The 360-degree socket joint at the end of the flex tube permits movement in all directions without compromising mask fitting.

Sizing and Fitting

Cushion size

The ResMed Swift FX Nano nasal mask is available in two sizes: standard and wide. Select the size that covers the entire nose and does not block the nostrils. A sizing gauge can be found here.

A version of the ResMed Swift FX Nano for women is also available. The Swift FX Nano for Her uses a smaller headgear and an optional smaller nasal cushion.

Note: When assembling the mask, the cushion should be inserted into the swivel ring groove with no gaps, and the swivel ring should not be pushed all the way into the mask cushion.


The ResMed Swift FX Nano headgear does not need to be tightly adjusted to achieve effective CPAP delivery. The mask should sit comfortably over your nose, and the back strap should rest just above your ears. The buckle on the top strap should rest on the crown of your head.

  1. Place the cushion over your nose.
  2. Pull the headgear over your head.
  3. Adjust the top strap one notch at a time to fine-tune the height of the mask.
  4. Adjust the back strap to bring the cushion closer to the nose.
  5. Wiggle or reseat the nasal cushion until it sits comfortably around the nose.
  6. Connect the short tube to your CPAP machine.

Tips to resolve leaks

Leaks are often caused by cushion creases that resolve by merely reseating the mask. To reseat the mask, lift the nasal cushion gently off your face, then lower it back down onto your face.

Prevent cushion creases by always starting with the mask held in the proper position against your nose. If the cushion slides down during fitting, it may crimp in places, creating gaps that cause leaks.

Dirt, oil, and makeup can hinder the cushion from forming the best seal. Cleaning the cushion helps ensure a better seal.

Overtightening headgear can make leaks worse, cause discomfort, red marks, and skin irritation. The back straps bring the cushion closer to the face. The crown strap adjusts the height of the mask and rarely needs adjustment after initial fitting.

Consider changing sizes of the cushion if you need to tighten the headgear excessively.

Headgear and cushions on any mask need periodic replacement. Consider replacing parts if a mask was working well and is no longer sealing as effectively as it had been.

Adjusting for noise

  • Check for leaks.
  • Check the diffusion ports for blockage and clean with a soft bristle brush.
  • Verify that the swivel ring is not pushed too far into the mask cushion.

Cleaning and maintenance

Recommended cleaning frequency:

  • Daily: cushion, swivel ring, and tubing
  • Weekly: headgear (disassembly is not necessary for cleaning)

Cleaning Process:

  1. Wash in warm soapy water using a mild dish soap.
  2.  Use a soft bristle brush on the vents and rotating parts.
  3. Rinse in fresh water.
  4. All parts should be air dried out of direct sunlight.

Important: Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers. Do not soak any parts for more than 10 minutes.

Operating Conditions 4-30 cmH20


t looks so small. Is it really going to stay in place without really tightening the headgear?
Yes, it really will stay in place without a lot of tightening. In fact, too much tightening will crimp the walls of the dual layer cushion and prevent a good seal. The magic really is in the cushion design.

Are there any tricks to getting a good seal with this mask?
Start with the cushion held to the face and don’t let it slide down while you pull the headgear on. Placing the cushion on the nose after pulling the headgear over the nose or letting it slip downwards while placing the headgear can cause the cushion to wrinkle, creating leaks. It’s ok if you forget. Just lift the cushion off your face and reseat it.

My face is pretty small, and I do not think the standard size will work for me. What should I order?
The small cushion can be ordered separately and used with the gray headgear that comes in the regular packaging. Alternately, the Swift FX Nano for Her comes with a small cushion and pink headgear.

Final CPAPMan Comment
The ResMed Swift FX Nano is an excellent mask for most people. It is well worth trying if you if you want to wear glasses, read or watch TV before bed or simply dislike tight headgear or a bulky mask. The Swift FX Nano works very well with beards and moustaches. Order the compact Swift FX Nano from CPAPman and head to bed wearing distraction-free, high performing CPAP therapy!

SKU: 1261
  Model62200, 62251
  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  • Mask Frame
  • Headgear
  • Pair of Soft Wraps
  • Cushion - Silicone Elastomer
  • Headgear - Silicone Elastomer Nylon / Lycra; Polyurethane Foam
  • Short Tube - Nylon Polypropylene, Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE)
by Carin H Date Added: 09/01/2016

Love this mask. Best nasal mask worn to date. Less invasive and very comfortable!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Ralph Date Added: 06/23/2016

The mask is very uncomfortable to the point of being not usable. The mask leaks and you are never able to get any rest. Cannot recommend this high priced worthless piece of junk!

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]
by Felix S Date Added: 09/30/2014

Good one. Gives me a clear view during usage. I read before going to bed while using this nasal mask. The cushion which is dual wall is comfortable to use.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Shawn H Date Added: 08/20/2014

I have been using the swift fx nano nasal mask for quite a while now. The soft headgear is just comfy for me and I like the two point headgear doesn't irritate me because some headgears have like three or four point headgears. This is a good mask and I highly recommend this. Five stars!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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