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Circadence Anew Soft Cloth Full Face CPAP Mask
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Circadence Anew Soft Cloth Full Face CPAP Mask

By Circadiance  |  Item No.: 100960, 100955, 100965
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Supremely Comfortable Full Face Mask

A Revolutionary Face Mask

For years, those with sleep apnea have complained about the discomfort which results from plastic face mask devices. Circadiance has directly addressed this complaint with the SleepWeaver Anew CPAP Full Face Mask, an all-cloth mask which delivers a high level of comfort and top quality sleep apnea therapy. Not only features an all-cloth design, it's also stocked with additional features specifically designed to enhance the therapeutic experience.

High Functionality, High Comfort

Allows for a variety of sleeping positions - you can sleep on your back or either side without disrupting the device to any degree. The mask is able to rest securely on the back of your head without scraping your ears; moreover, the "loose fit" of the mask is designed to prevent unpleasant strap marks. It is very easy to adjust and has open forehead headgear perfect for those who wear eyeglasses or prefer to watch TV before falling asleep.

Simple Maintenance

Latex and silicon free; hence it is designed to prevent allergic reactions and skin irritation. Cleaning the SleepWeaver Anew mask is a breeze: simply hand wash with mild, non-abrasive detergent and then allow it to air dry in order to guard against harmful bacteria. With proper maintenance and care, this Sleepweaver Full Face Mask is sure to have an above average lifespan.

SleepWeaver Anew Soft Cloth Full Face Mask with Headgear Features

  • Comes in 3 sizes: small (product no. 100955), medium (product no. 100960) and large (product no. 100965)-
  • Frontal exhalation holes provide a quiet and gentle flow of air
  • Light weight allows easy maintenance and transportation
  • A 90° Swivel Connector promotes more natural sleeping positions
  • Accommodates eyeglasses and permits almost completely unobstructed vision
  • Soft cloth promotes maximum comfort for users
  • Loose fit prevents strap marks and increases comfort

RX Required.

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