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APEX Medical Wizard 320 Full Face mask with Headgear

APEX Medical Wizard 320 Full Face mask with Headgear
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APEX Medical Wizard 320 Full Face mask with Headgear

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APEX Wizard 320 Full Face CPAP Mask

APEX Medical has taken the best features of the previous generation and redesigned the mask for increased comfort and ease. Called the Wizard 320 Full Face Mask, it now has a more flexible frame design that evens the pressure along the entire mask. This allows users to experience a more luxurious night of sleep. The forehead support now has a slimmer design to reduce obtrusiveness without sacrificing stability. Airflow design has been improved to be more quiet and have less bothersome ventilation.

Quick Attaching and Removing
Removing masks have never been easier. Utilizing the successful features of the previous model, the Wizard 320 has been equipped once again with efficient mask removal. After unhooking one headgear clip, the user can then remove the entire mask with one pull. The whole operation can be done with one hand, in the span of seconds. The quick release tubing has also been reused; the tubing can be detached through a simple pulling motion. The mask also uses a snap on cushion design, so the entire mask can easily be disassembled and reassembled for simple cleaning and transportation needs.

Advanced Air Vents
The advanced air guiding vent allows for air to pass through the mask smoothly without making much noise. If you sleep with a partner, a quiet mask is a necessity. This advanced air vent reduces the amount of air that blows onto your partner, and minimizes any noises.

Comfort Design
The Wizard 320 has been redesigned with comfort in mind. The forehead support and frame are flexible and soft, yet retain their purpose of holding the mask in place. This creates a secure and comfortable seal for a better night of sleep. For the previous generation Wizard masks, pressure felt on the face used to be concentrated in three main locations. The new, flexible design, however, evens out the pressure felt along the entire mask for reduced discomfort. The 320 still retains the flexible tubing connector used in the 220, so the user can sleep in their preferred position with no impact on their therapy.

Flexible, Softer Build
The main difference between the APEX Wizard 320 and previous masks is that the forehead support is flexible and soft, allowing for no forehead cushions or pads to be needed. The older masks are mostly made up of plastic, which can make the masks uncomfortable for long-term use. However, these new Wizard 320 masks are made up of softer materials, which support comfortable everyday use.

Safety Valve
If the CPAP machine ever stops providing oxygen, the Wizard 320 comes equipped with a safety valve structure that allows the surrounding oxygen in. The user can rest assured that the mask is designed with minimal risks.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, soft, and flexible mask frame for better fitting
  • Soft forehead support provides ultimate comfort and stability
  • Contour fitting design
  • Quick snap on design
  • Advanced air guiding vents 45 degrees air flow​​​​​​

Reviewer’s Tip

APEX mask parts have their name/product number on the bottom of the cushion frame and the mask frame. Mask size is printed at the bottom of the cushion as S, M, or L. If you ever need a replacement but don’t remember exactly what design or size your equipment was, you can check there.


Does this model still use a forehead pad?
No, forehead pads are not used on this model. The APEX Wizard 320 is made up of soft materials. The forehead support especially is made up of flexible material that conforms to your facial structure to ensure maximum comfort.

Is there an XS size available like for the Wizard 220?
No, there is no XS size available for the Wizard 320. The three sizes offered are S, M, and L.

SKU: 1836
  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  Pressure Range4-40 cm H20
  Weight6.6 oz
  • Wizard 320 Full Face Mask with Headgear
  • User Manual

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