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Short Tube Assembly, Mirage Swift II, (elbow, short tube and swivel)
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Short Tube Assembly, Mirage Swift II, (elbow, short tube and swivel)

By ResMed  |  Item No.: 60528
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Mirage Swift II Short Tube Assembly

Flexible Short Tube with Elbow and Swivel

The Short Tube Assembly for the Mirage Swift II by ResMed comes with an elbow and swivel and is a great option for patients who wish to avoid the potential issues which can arise from using longer tubes. This short tube for the Mirage Swift II is approximately 10.5 inches in length and is perfect for connecting the mask to a machine located on a nearby nightstand or bedside table. The tube is very flexible and will accommodate movement throughout sleep. The elbow and swivel make attaching the detaching the tube an incredibly easy task; what's more, the 360 degree rotation of the swivel will further expand your range of motion during therapy.


This short tube assembly kit is compatible with the (original) Mirage Swift nasal pillow mask and the Mirage Swift II nasal pillow mask by ResMed. It will not work with other nasal pillow mask systems by ResMed or other manufacturers.


  • Only compatible with Mirage Swift II nasal pillow mask
  • Package comes with short tube, elbow and swivel
  • Short tube length - approximately 10.5 inches
  • Does not include nasal pillows or headgear
  • Less possibility of tube entanglement
  • Easy to connect/disconnect
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Flexible tube

Using and Caring for Your Mirage Swift II

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