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Rear Headgear Buckle for the Swift LT

Rear Headgear Buckle for the Swift LT


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Replacement Rear Headgear Buckle for the Swift LT

Quality Replacement Rear Headgear Buckle

The Rear Headgear Buckle for the Swift LT by ResMed is a convenient and high quality replacement part which attaches easily to the back of your headgear. This replacement buckle possesses an appealing blue coloring and is very easy to install. This rear buckle will enable users to adjust their fit better and receive a more comfortable and personalized experience.

Compatibility Data

The replacement rear headgear buckle is compatible with masks from the Swift LT series by ResMed - so, it will work with the Swift LT Nasal Pillow Mask and the Swift LT for Her Nasal Pillow Mask, among others. This rear buckle is highly durable and will not need to be replaced unless it is broken or significantly damaged; it does not require periodic replacement as a consequence of natural wear and tear.


  • Compatible with the Swift LT series of CPAP masks
  • Only needs to be replaced when broken
  • Excellent replacement part
  • Straightforward set up
  • Rear headgear buckle
  • Durable construction
  • Blue coloring

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